The privately owned and global company named Conesys, founded in 1983, is a world-class supplier of electronic contact products. No wonder, regarding their leading technology and satisfied customers.

An ISO certified supplier of high-quality products

Conesys manufactures high-quality products and cost-effectiveness and meets their customers´ requirements with standard applications or customized solutions. Conesys is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified vertical integrated supplier of environmentally and firewall-rated, circular and rectangular connections. This includes filters and transient protective contacts, mil spec-circular connections, fiber optic terminals, copper and fiber connection systems, special cable units and application-specific contacts.

Connections in all types of applications

Conesys’ connections are used in a wide range of different applications, and are to be seen in markets such as military, space, commercial aviation, business aviation, aviation engines, marine applications, heavy equipment, transportation, rail transport, geophysics, machine automation, motion control, medical equipment and general industrial and telecommunications. Conesys’ manufacturing process has a constant focus on continuous improvement by preventing defects and reducing variations and waste.

Why chose Conesys?

  • Top-class contacts
  • ISO-certified
  • A world-leading technic and customer satisfaction
“We are committed to customer satisfaction and are meeting their quality and delivery requirements and we are continuously measuring and improving our processes.”
- Conesys´quality policy 

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