For the last 40 years, the family-run and German-based Ept has supplied their customers worldwide with high-tech, sophisticated and innovative connection products.

Connections for tough applications

Ept means ”electronic precision technology” and stands for high quality standards in industrial electronics, telecom, data cim and automotive electronics. The connections from Ept are used worldwide in a variety of demanding applications such as data processing and communication, control and measurement technology, vehicle construction, transport, military technology, aerospace and space travels.

Why Ept?


  • Core competencies in developing and producing connections
  • High quality standards for more than 40 years
  • Complete solutions for all connection and process technology needs

Complete solution for all connection requirements

Ept has got a core competence in developing and produce connections that are dependent on press fit and soldering technology, as well as machines for processing and tools for press fit technology. Thanks to the company’s innovative product ideas and first-class production techniques they can provide complete and comprehensive solutions from a single source, for all connection and process technology needs. The fact that they can offer a complete system solution from a single source, the process costs are significantly reduced, which reduces the total cost.
Today, Ept is known for being able to respond quickly to their customers’ high-tech requirements, regardless if they concern a current matter or a future one.
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