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More than 90 years History in Electronic Market!

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SATCO is a well known company in the Nordic Market for electronic components.
Our history goes as far back as to 1921 when we sold radio tubes from Telefunken as a daughter company to AEG.

When the manufacturing of television sets expanded during the fifties and sixties we supplied loads of CRT:s into the Swedish market.

The development of micro electronics and new technology that took place in the late sixties and early seventies gave us a natural possibillity to expand our product portfolio to semiconductors and connection systems as well as crystals and oscillators.

1972 SATTCO was formed and expanded as a pure agent/distributor of all sorts of electronic components;
Semiconductors, passives, connectors, coolers, crystals and oscillators just to mention a few.

1988 We changed the name to SATCO Komponent AB and the ownership also changed from being on the public stock exchange to private owners that also worked in the company.
​This change gave us a stable base to work from during the ups and downs that is affecting our market from time to time.
We expanded our market to be not only Sweden but also the whole Nordic region and the Baltic.

Our expertise is well recognized both in the military and civilian field and we have been involved in several projects that include custom designed solutions for Connectors, filters, Peltier cooling systems etc.
2020 SATCO Komponent AB was accuired by Addtech AB.

SATCO could be your New Nordic Partner.
If you want to know more about our capabilities as a supplier or Agent, contact  us!
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