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New distributor for delair® dehydrators

SATCO is the new sales channel in Nordic, Baltic States and Poland.

We are pleased to announce that SPX Flow has entered into an agreement with SATCO AB effective
from May 1st, 2020. SATCO AB will be our distributor for Scandinavia, Baltic States, Finland and Poland.
SATCO AB is a well-known company in the Nordic Market for electronic components. 
During the years SATCO AB has grown into a main supplier of components and equipment for
Telecom, Broadcast, Defense, Radar, Transportation and Medical equipment.


Smiths Interconnect

The Pneumatic Module (PN) adds the mechanical performance of the pneumatic contact to the standard modules with electrical contacts, to operate mechanical devices requiring compressed air.

Hybrid module (F) allows designers to combine fiber optic with copper cables to take advantage of the performance benefits of fiber, including reduced size and weight, immunity to EMI/RFI, no cross talk or loss of signal strength over long distances.


Laird Coolers

Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies


Specialist in small connectors.
Micro and Nano, save both weight and space.

Board Level Components to Support 5G

Components to support the low-range (below 3 GHz) and mid-range spectrum demands (~3-6 GHz).

Resistors, terminations, power dividers, fixed and temperature variable attenuators.

Surface mountable and wire bondoptions
RoHS compliant versionsavailable


Electro Adapter

Shielded backshells
EMI and waterproof
Bandtermination of shield





An innovative solution for disposable medical applications 

Smiths Interconnect today announced the release of Eclipta. This high performance edge card technology for disposable medical applications has a range of innovative features that allow for quick and reliable connections whilst delivering the serviceability and affordability required by a broad range of critical medical devices.


Inductors and magnetics for Military & Space applications
Gowanda, first to intruduce ER SMT-serien for


IP Classed RF Connectors

For applications where you need an upgraded RF-Connector.


IMS 2018, Philadephia, Microwave Show.

Some of our suppliers exhibited and showed the latest news for fast communication.

Smaller and quicker is the trend for the future, and SATCO work with suppliers in this field.

Latest News!



Thermoelectric Assembly & Peltierelement from stock

LA-045-12-02-00-00, 94€
Liquid / Air, 12V, 43W

PT6,12,F2,4040,11,RVS, leads to side, 10,60€
40*40, 12V, Sealed

One 27

Connectors 1,27 mm, different builing heights.
Short deliverytime!
2 mm cPCI, Hard Metric

Smiths, with Hyperboloid socket
Exchangeable with std Cots 2 mm CPCI-connectors
>4000 mating cycles
50 uinAu
Speed 3,125 Gbps

For more information, push here!
SATCO are representing Smiths Microwave

EMC Technology & Florida RF Labs
Safety Datasheet ScrewGrab
now available for download.

EMI problems?

We can solve this with Quell, filter-arrays.
Within 1 week we can supply sample to verify
the filter function.

EESeal mosaic 300x200EESeal mosaic 300x200
EESeal mosaic 300x200
Combine PCB´s

Ept Flexilink will be the Perfect product
to mount PCB Horizontal or Vertically.

Pressfit, for safe and quick mounting.


Silicondisc with components for filtering, transient and groundings. QUELL / EESeal.
It´s easily mounted on the pin-side of the connector.
Available for rectangular, circular and custom specials.

Order evaluations samples, ready within 2 weeks.
Ny teknikNy teknik
Ny teknik

Quick Lock!

Omnetics D-sub, Micro and Nano, have the possibility to have latching lock.
Just push connectors together to lock. Press on the side to unlock.
omnetics snapplasningomnetics snapplasning
omnetics snapplasning

Cooling down, during summerdays!

With peltier technique can we cool down your cabinet or components and solve the Hot-Spot.

We also have cooling flanges and cooling block in cupper with Microporus, for better cooling.

Latest News

svensk flaggasvensk flagga
svensk flagga


From 23/6 12.00 we are celebrating Midsummer
Back in office 27/6

Test probes

Smiths Connectors, IDI

Spring probes for test and power applications.
We also have a flexible building system, where you can build your prototypes connectors.
Please contact us for more information.



With VersarienCu’s patented process we are able to increase the surface area significantly with the microporous nature of our copper foam improving performance and decreasing the likelihood of component failure.
Low Profile
> 1000 times bigger surface area to enviroment
Circular and Rectangular
Perfect for Cooling Components

In stock - Try the future technique already today!
360 degree Shielding - No Tools

Electro Adapter
Full screening with and EMI-band.
Springforce press the shield to the backshell.
​No Tools needed!

​Call us for more info.
500A in a small Connector

Hypertac Power.
Up to 500A, 1 and 3 way
Hyperboloid socket reduse the size of the connector by using muliple wires, which gives a good contact with the mating pin.