KST Lighting

Leading the market of LED lighting system

Since 1982, KST Lighting has been a leading manufacturer and designer of electronic and lighting equipment for trains, high-speed trains, subways, trams and buses. The range includes electronic converters and inverters, LED components and complete LED lighting systems with the highest product innovation.
The company's own engineers have a long experience of studying, designing, simulating, developing and manufacturing all types of lighting requirements. All product manufacturing takes place in the company's own factories in Europe and both design and manufacturing are carefully controlled by several internal and external tests in independent laboratories. The company is known for offering electronic equipment of the highest quality and reliability.
• Leading in LED lighting systems
• Fast, affordable and complete lighting solutions
• All product manufacturing takes place in their own factories in Europe

Complete & affordable lighting system of the highest quality

The electronic lighting department provides the design and manufacturing of a complete lighting system such as reading lamps, passenger compartment lighting, luggage racks, vest cables, toilets, gangways and emergencies etc. KST Lighting's products meet most international and national standards, such as IEC, EN, UIC. NF F, SNCF, SNCB, DB, STIB etc. The company aim to constantly improve its products and has a high capacity to meet their customer´s expectations, with fast delivery and service.
With the latest technology on the market and efficient procurement capacity, KST Lighting strives to offer the best and most affordable solutions and they can quickly adapt lighting and drive electronics to your needs.
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