SPX Flow Technology, based in Etten-Leur Netherlands, specializes in the precise production of customized industrial equipment. The company's technical departments design, develop, test and manufacture custom, industrial equipment that meets customers' diverse needs. By using the SPX Flow brand's extensive experience in innovative technology, they can design completely unique manufacturing processes.
Today, SPX Flow operates in more than 30 countries and distributes in over 100.
SPX has several product groups. SATCO collaborates with SPX Flow/ Delair, one of these product groups.

Tailor-made solutions for handling compressed air

Since 1936, Delair has focused its operations on air and gas drying and filtration and purification, making the company one of the most experienced in the industry. Delair is committed to providing world-class solutions for handling compressed air, gases and water vapor. Industrial dehydration applications include steel mills, automotive, pharmaceutical oil and gas, petrochemicals, as well as food and beverages.
Delair-designed dehumidification systems protect electrical and electronic systems in telecommunications, broadcasting, commercial and military applications worldwide.
The company offers both customized and industrial solutions outside the standard framework. Regardless of the challenge, Delair's systems can help optimize production yields, prevent destruction of stored products, extend industrial life cycles and protect health workers. Delair's industrial solutions handle large-scale purification filtration and high-capacity refrigerant and absorption dryer installations, air purification systems, gas separators and nitrogen generators.
To minimize interruptions and maximize operating time, tailor-made maintenance contracts and other aftermarket services can be established to meet the exact operating requirements for the customer's installation.

Delair dehumidification system

• World-class solutions
• Optimizes production yield
• Prevents disruption of stored products
• Extends the life of industrial applications
• Protects health workers

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